Add Custom nginx Configuration under Aegir 2

Your case may vary, but I had the following situation; Customer has a monitoring solution, Monitorix, which they want to be available under their aegir host. Sure you can add the lines to the ~aegir/config/server_master/nginx/vhosts.d/, but every time the hostmaster site is verified, you will have to re-add the necessary config lines. What a pain … Continued

Migration To WordPress

Looks like I am moving to WordPress.  For years I have been hacking away, little by little at my own CakePHP powered CMS.  However, with the migration to CakePHP3 a lot of Cake has changed, and I don’t have the time to re-build the damn thing. So, for now, the project has been shelved.  Not … Continued

Password Reset Cisco Catalyst 2950

This is the procedure that I used to reset a series of “salvaged” Cisco 2900’s. It might work on other switches in the same series, YMMV. Requirements Cisco Console Cable Cisco Catalyst 2950 Terminal Program Procedure Connect the console cable to the Catalyst 2950 If the Catalyst 2950 is already powered up, remove AC power … Continued

OpenDKIM and Postfix on Debian 7

Install it apt-get update; apt-get install opendkim opendkim-tools Create config dirs mkdir -pv /etc/opendkim/; chown -Rv opendkim:opendkim /etc/opendkim; chmod go-rwx /etc/opendkim/* Generate Keys and Set Permissions cd /etc/opendkim/; opendkim-genkey -r -h rsa-sha256 -d -s example; chown opendkim:opendkim *; chmod u=rw,go-rwx * Create DNS TXT Record cat /etc/opendkim/ Create a DNS record wtih the contents … Continued

Redmine Issue Due Reminders

Redmine is a super-great project management system.  If you’re not using a project management system to manage your workflow You’re doing it wrong!. Included with Redmine is a great rake task for sending reminders to the issue assignee, that when combined with cron makes a great automated solution for keeping people working. ;p There’s a … Continued