Redmine Issue Due Reminders

Redmine is a super-great project management system.  If you’re not using a project management system to manage your workflow You’re doing it wrong!.

Included with Redmine is a great rake task for sending reminders to the issue assignee, that when combined with cron makes a great automated solution for keeping people working. ;p

There’s a few parameters available to us to customize the operation of the rake script

  • days – Number of days to look for issues.  Defaults to one week (7 days)
  • tracker – Tracker to look for issues in.  Defaults to all trackers
  • users – Comma separated list of user ids to send reminders to (only if they are the current assignee of the issue).  You can obtain numerical user ids from the Administration > Users section of your Redmine installation
  • project – Comma separated list of project ids to examine for issues.  Defaults to all projects


  1. Use sudo to edit the redmine users crontab
    crontab -e -u redmine
  2. Add the following line to the Redmine users crontab
    0 1 * * 1,3,5 RAILS_ENV="production"; cd ~redmine; /usr/local/bin/rake redmine:send_reminders users="3,6,12,32,34,57,86,76,77,78" days=3As you can see here, this job sends reminders to users 3,6,12,32,34,57,86,76,77,78 at 01:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for issues due within the next three days all projects and all trackers

Yeah, there’s only two steps. Didn’t even really warrant a list, but I like lists.


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